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Memory Pairs

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Memory Pairs is an fun matching pairs card game (also known as Pelmanism, Concentration, Shinkei-suijaku or Pexeso).Key features are: - ability to add your own pictures using phone's camera or gallery - Single and Multi Player versions - 3 board sizes providing different difficulty levels - high score tables - enjoyable way to train your brain's concentration and memory skills - NO ADVERTS
In Single Player mode the aim is to find all matching pairs in as few taps as possible while the Multi Player mode allows up to 4 players to compete to see who can find the highest number of matching pairs.
There are three board sizes available meaning Memory Pairs is capable of providing a challenge to all ages and is perfect for kids and adults to play together in the Multi Player mode.
In Single Player mode you also get a Memory score which reflects how many times you successfully remember where a card's matching pair is if it's position has already been revealed. The high score table records the best three scores for each board size.
Can you find all the pairs on the large board size with a 100% memory score? Download the Memory Pairs now and find out...